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CS Marine Management values your vessel as if she were our own. Our dedicated crew provides comprehensive marine management services on any size boat, top to bottom, inside and out. Protect your investment from stem to stern with  CS Marine Management.

Use our convenient Accordion Menu below to review the multitude of marine management and detailing services we offer. We are certain we can be of service to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us or use our contact page to send us a message or request.

We offer washing as well as washing maintenance programs curtailed to your needs and goals. Keeping a boat clean between detailing is half of the battle!
Our normal washing includes: Washing from water line to top of vessel; removal of black streaks, wash and dry of entire vessel including all metals and windows; all hatch rings and locker edges are also included. More in depth washes are available for additional fees
Whether the boat is brand new from the show room or 20 years old it still requires application of either wax or a polymer sealant. Whether it is a detail to sell the boat or a maintenance program is desired let us show you how great the boat can look by having it detailed and stand tall!<br />Normal detailing includes polishing all fiberglass areas accessible by hand or high speed buffer; polishing of all metals; polishing of all acylic (EZ2CY), polycarbonate (LEXAN), and isinglass windows; wax or rain x applied to all normal glass windows; hatches and compartments accessible emptied and cleaned thoroughly; and enclosures cleaned.
Oxidation removal
For those boats that have slight to heavy oxidation where the gel coat or paint has lost its luster or finish we offer full details that include compounding from light oxidation removal to full wet sanding to bring back the luster and finish
Compounding is the first step to restoring the gel coat to new. The old dead and oxidized layer must be buffed off and removed by high speed buffing and a light to aggressive grit compound to bring back the luster and polish to a boat
Wet Sanding
If compounding alone in a test spot will not bring the true color and polish back to the boat wet sanding is one of the only other options left. Wet sanding is performed in stages ranging from a heavy grit to a light grit. All areas that receive a wet sand will then be compounded and polished. If a test spot with wet sanding is not enough to bring the color and polish back the only option from that point is to re gelcoat the boat or repaint the boat.
Interior Detailing and Cleaning
We provide interior detailing of any and all compartments desired. This ranges from steam cleaning; using a carpet extractor to shampoo and deodorize carpets, headliners, and all applicable materials; cleaning of all wood and metals; cleaning heads and all other areas on the interior that need to be addressed
Teak as we all know is a item that requires TLC. We work with all types of soft woods and hard to make sure that they are kept in great condition. Varnishing, oil, sealant, and general teak cleaning and maintenance
Metal Restoration
Tired of the tarnished metal look on your boat? Using the proper chemicals and techniques we can bring most metals back to like new condition
Enclosure and Glass Maintenance
Tired of looking through dull opaque enclosures. Have us come out to polish and clean up your enclosure. We work with all types of soft and hard materials (Isinglass, Strataglass, Lexan, EZ2CY, all acrylics, and polycarbonates). By maintaining the glass and keeping it moisturized you can eliminate premature replacement of your enclosure glass.<br />This service can prevent premature wear and tear on both the glass and the material the enclosure is made out of whether it be sunbrella, stamoid, or many other various materials. This service also includes lubing all zippers for enclosure.
Engine Room Detailing
Whether you are looking for a simple cleanup from a spill or you are looking to have a show ready engine room we can make any engine room shine. Full cleaning and detailing of engine room compartments is available. Depending on the goal we can perform a light cleanup to going the full nine with sanding priming and painting to make any engine room look brand new!
Dive Services
We offer dive services to ensure that the boat will perform properly and run efficiently when out at sea or at home in the slip. Growth here in Florida as many of us know is relentless and can clog intakes in a short matter of time.
Our Dive Services Include:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of hulls
  • Cleaning of all intakes and running gear (All types of paint hard, soft, silicone, and propspeed)
  • Zinc removal and replacement
  • Prop Removal and replacement
  • Search and rescue for lost items in the area of the boat or dock
  • Pictures of hull to any owner upon request
Have you ever gone to your vessel to realize something (like the Air Conditioning) is not working and had to cancel a trip? For those who like to have monthly system checkups to those who need mechanical or electrical repairs done we offer all of the above.
Monthly Preventative Maintenance Services
This program is provided on a schedule curtailed by owner to run through all systems on board the vessel, or certain systems that the owner would like monitored (I.E. the engine room, or the cabin). This program will allow all owners to see what systems work and what systems will need a little work to function properly. It is designed to eliminate as many surprises as possible when arriving to the boat to take off or to relax and just unwind. A full worksheet is provided to the boat owner as to fluid level checks, system checks, battery level checks, items not functioning correctly and the list goes on. Suffice to say it is a complete breakdown for the owner of any area or systems you would like monitored
We offer mechanical services for any boat small or large. We perform mechanical services such as annual fluid changes; repair, and diagnosis of systems or items not functioning properly.
We offer electrical services from installation of small hardware items to large system implementation
Upholstery Services:
  • Seats
  • Cushions
  • Bolsters
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Interior/Exterior
Design and Build
Canvas and Enclosure